The Healer Nina Dul

For decades Nina Dul has been a well-known healer in her native Poland as well as in Germany and other European countries. She has extensively appeared on television, radio, and participated in many conferences.

The famed bio-therapist has been able to read the human aura and to transmit healing energy since early childhood. She was forced to develop this special gift after having experienced several personal tragedies. Today healing has become her profession as well as her calling. In Hamburg she attended a college for healing practitioners and studied acupuncture, acupressure, hypnosis as well as traditional Western medicine.
It is always a special treat to meet Nina Dul in person. A documentary film about her work was shown on several channels of German television such as ZDF, Arte and Phoenix and was well received and widely discussed. After the first showing she even received several bags of mail.
In 2004 TV-minister J├╝rgen Fliege had her on his legendary talk show, where Nina Dul demonstrated a few of her extraordinary abilities. This television appearance touched the hearts of many people.
Through her work Nina Dul has helped thousands of people from all walks of life. Cancer patients flock to her as well as infertile women. They all want to receive her healing touch. Nina Dul is also a clairvoyant and therefore able to see the human aura. Through transmitting energy she is able to stimulate the self-healing powers of an individual.
Nina Dul says, “The aura mirrors everything. Physical diseases, emotions as well as thoughts. My hands are being moved by spiritual beings from a higher plane and I am able to see pictures of the patients past. Therefore I can help them to change their lives and become healthier, happier, and more successful.”

Nina Dul bei Fliege im Fernsehen

Since 1986 Nina Dul, a native of Poland, lives in Hamburg with her daughter. But she travels most of the time, holds workshops in many cities, and does healing and teaching work. Many people follow her around, because she is likened to a spiritual fountain of youth. Countless people, who have been touched by her, have experienced miraculous healings.