Magenta Training and Initiation

A few years ago Nina Dul discovered the occurrence of a new colour in the human aura: Magenta. In deep meditation the spiritual world revealed to her that the time had come to work and heal with this energy. The time had come to reconnect to the highest powers of the source and to return to divine love that is also known as “Christ energy”.
Participants learn a special form of meditation and certain self-cleansing techniques. This marks the begin of working with Magenta energy.

The monthly gatherings of Magenta groups will ensure personal progress and a deepening of insight into the nature of Magenta. Participants learn how to heal themselves and others using Magenta energy.

Nina Dul - Energie√ľberragung - Die Kraft der Magenta-Energie

What does Magenta do?

  • Cleansing negative patterns (present and past life)
  • Recognizing one’s true nature
  • Compassion towards all beings
  • Connection to universal love
  • Intense dream activity
  • Greater confidence
  • Love
  • Contentment
  • Unity
  • Happiness
  • Clarity
  • Inner peace

Certain physical symptoms like colds or aches and pains might temporarily surface before they disappear. Old patterns might also resurface to be worked with.

For a current schedule of Magenta initiation workshops click here.

(The Magenta initiation is limited to non-smoking individuals who have completed the aura workshop.)