Magenta Study Groups

Magenta Study Groups are open to all individuals who have been initiated and are working with Magenta. If you are looking for a study group near you, please contact us

Magenta, the light of love

Several years ago the healer and spiritual teacher Nina Dul observed that more and more human auras show an occurrence of Magenta. Magenta is an indication of universal love that in the past has been spread by great masters like Jesus or Buddha who were living examples of unconditional love.

Nina Dul is very happy that the time of Magenta has finally come. Mankind has made much progress in the technological field but very little in the spiritual realm. Nina Dul says, “The mind should be developed but only under the guidance of the heart. Love should be the primal factor in all decisions. This is what Magenta is all about. Modern medicine has done much research and created many remedies against physical symptoms, but what is to be done against the massive spread of mental diseases? What is to be done against hatred, envy, and anxiety? Magenta can cure all this.”

Nina Dul initiates individuals whose aura already contains Magenta. During the initiation ritual the heart, our divine essence, is opened, thus allowing Magenta energy to flow into the aura. All negative energies are transformed into love. Magenta activates certain cleaning processes in body, mind, and spirit leading to a discharge of negative energies and impurities. As body and mind are cleansed, the consciousness of the individual is raised.

The results of the initiation are often dramatic. People accept responsibility for their lives; they become more aware, more open, and more fully human. They also learn to say no when required and they are empowered to take a stand and work for what they believe in.

The daily meditation practice leads to a letting go of all negativities and to an opening to love. Other people will benefit from your practice as well.

Magenta does not require an affiliation with a certain religion or dogma. Individuals initiated by Nina Dul gather monthly in Magenta study groups whose purpose is to deepen the Magenta experience. Nina Dul is guiding the initiates on the spiritual plane. If a group has matured enough, the members receive permission to transmit Magenta to other people during illness or in times of emotional turmoil. Main focus of the group is the transmission of Magenta energy to those parts of the world that are devoid of love.

Many people who have chosen this path have experienced amazing miracles in their lives. They will be forever grateful for the gift of Magenta.