Aura Workshop

Topics of this workshop include: What is the aura? What different types of aura exist? How do I interpret the colours correctly? How does the aura change? What makes the aura change?

The human aura, also known as human bio-field or electro-magnetic field, reflects physical diseases as well as the spiritual, emotional, and mental state of the individual. Nina Dul teaches you how to sense this energy between your own hands and around other participants.
You will learn how to balance the aura and how to protect yourself while transmitting energy. You will also learn to harmonize your own aura as well as the aura of others. This will result in vibrant health and inner peace.

You will be introduced to the pink and purple Magenta energy, also known as the light of love. For those interested in working with Magenta in-depth, special Magenta trainings are being offered.

For a current schedule of aura workshops and Magenta trainings click here.

Nina Dul - Aura-Fotografie - Die Kraft der Magenta-Energie

Aura Photography

At almost all workshops aura photographs are being made. For more information kindly contact the local organizer.

Further information on the validity of aura photos can be found here.