Healing Meditation

The central focus of Nina Duls work are healing meditations. Through the high frequencies created in a group healing session physical, mental and emotional blockages are released. Oftentimes this happens on all three levels. While Nina Dul directs healing energy into the aura of the participants, the group enters into a guided healing meditation. During the meditation Nina Dul works with each individual according to his needs on the physical, emotional or mental level. No talking is necessary because Nina Dul recognizes problems by looking at the aura.

What does Magenta energy do?

The human energy is known as aura, bio-field, or electro-magnetic bio-field. The aura mirrors the physical state and vice versa. Therefore it is impossible for an individual to be sick while his energy is flowing properly. Of course the opposite is just as true.
During a healing session bio-energy is directed into the human organism, leading to an increase of overall energy which is used for self-healing. The additional energy influx benefits the immune system, regulates the nervous system, and calms the individual down. The flow of energy normalizes and many diseases are being cured.
The energy can also be directed to affect certain organs. Most people, even those who do not believe in the existence of this energy, are able to sense the healing effects during a session.

What can you expect during a healing meditation?

You might feel nothing at all but many people experience pain or unpleasant sensations like dizziness or nausea, but also pleasant sensations like tingling or warmth. You might feel cold or experience the urge to move into strange positions. You might also have visions or other visual sensations.
Whether you will experience any of the above or not depends on several things. How sensitive are you? How far has the disease progressed? What kind of disease do you suffer from?
One thing is for sure though. If you experience pain or pressure in a certain organ, the organ is not functioning properly. Healthy organs do not need healing energy, therefore you will not feel anything. Unfortunately it is not true that you are necessarily healthy if you do not feel anything. Certain diseases do not manifest as pain in a healing session. Sometimes healing manifests as a releasing of blockages in a meridian or of tension in the afflicted organ.

[Nina Dul also works with children who are very dear to her.] This method of transmitting healing energy has been successfully practiced by Nina Dul for many years. Countless people have described a feeling of being charged with positive energy. Often spontaneous healings have taken place during a session.

We sincerely hope you will experience an inspiring session.

You will find Nina Dul’s current schedule of healing meditations by clicking here.

(Please observe that you should book three consecutive sessions. Nina Dul always works with body, mind, and spirit. You will always find several dates to choose from. Please be on time!)

Neither in the healing meditations nor in the seminars is a medical or naturopathic treatment.

Die Kraft der Magenta-Energie
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