How to Interpret Aura Photos

At almost all workshops aura photographs are being made. For more information kindly contact the local organizer.

Colour, form, and composition of the aura are indicators of energy flow and genetic make-up as well as the current physical, mental and emotional state of the individual. The aura also reveals character traits and essential nature. It reflects emotions, desires, abilities, fears, and stress factors as well as intuition, intelligence, and level of insight.
An aura photograph will reveal energetic strengths and weaknesses, but also life patterns that no longer serve the individual. The taking of a photograph is an excellent opportunity to discover unconscious patterns and bring them out into the open.

You might discover that your personality with its emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects is nothing but a reflection of subtle energies.

Nina Dul explains the meaning of the aura and how energy relates to the physical body. She discusses energetic strengths as well as weaknesses and helps you to integrate both.
In interpreting the aura, colour as well as form is important. The right side of the body shows male, active, and extroverted qualities, while the left [Nina Dul – Aura Photography Orange] shows female, passive, and introverted qualities. Each colour indicates a different quality.


Red is an active and dynamic type of energy. People with a lot of red in their auras are emotional, passionate, and strong willed. They are strong, enjoy being challenged, and love to fight.
Light red represents eroticism and sexual energy. Dark red might indicate blocked emotions like anger.


Orange indicates creativity, resilience, zest, and vitality.
Light orange represents cheerfulness, bravery, and positive thinking. Dark orange indicates a demanding character as well as envy, greed, or excessive competitiveness. It also shows possible drug abuse.


Yellow represents the logical mind, the intellect, and everything mental.
Light yellow indicates an easygoing but steadfast character. Muddy yellow shows control, self-centred thinking, and excessive exertion. Greyish yellow indicates cunning and craftiness.


Green indicates balance, love of nature, openness, and joy of living.
Light green shows openness for all things new, dark green a down-to-earth attitude but also sluggishness and material thinking as well as exploitive character traits.


Blue is an indication of the spiritual aspect of our being. It shows inner peace, love of mankind, and stability.
Light blue represents patience, contentment, and faith in the divine order. Dark blue shows a deep inner knowing.


Purple indicates the capacity for change, openness, sensitivity, and intuition.
Clear pure purple shows unconditional love as well as devotion. Light purple (lilac) indicates love of otherworldly things, and a fascination for all things magical and mystical. Reddish purple represents altruism and charity.


White is the highest frequency and indicates a very high degree of spiritual achievement. It acts like a protective coating.